Tricia Said,
July 26th, 2006 @10:38 pm  

Inhibiting your natural period may also inhibit estrogen production. Depo provera definitely does. I'm not sure about other drugs, but I assume if you're not menstruating, then you're not producing estrogen. It is crucial to not inhibit estrogen production. Among other things, estrogen is necessary for bone density. I was on Depo Provera for 7 years, and did not have periods during that time. I am 32, have osteopenia, and the bone loss resulted in a herniated disc. There has been an FDA warning on Depo Provera since 2004 about associated bone density loss. The reason is lack of estrogen when inhibiting menstruation for extended periods (> 2 years). (This lack of estrogen is why women develop osteoporosis after menopause.) Not having periods may be great, but it isn't worth the health consequences! Escaping one's natural body functions doesn't come without a price.

I am concerned about Stephanie in the above article, who isn't following the instructions on the Nuvaring. This article seems to be encouraging misusing the drug. I suggest Stephanie should get a bone density scan to see the effects of 5 years of not menstruating during the most crucial period of building bone mass for women.

PMS Chick Said,
July 26th, 2006 @10:53 pm  


Thanks for your comment. While I am not a licensed professional to give advice, common sense is also a guiding light to say… "if you are doing something unnatural to inhibit something natural - then a big red flag should go up."

While we live a world that is full of disease and we breathe air that is toxic, I believe God designed the systems of our body, and while I may not always be thrilled every 4th week of my life, you have to trust that the Grand Designer knew what He was doing.

I can use my common sense, exercise, nutrition, etc. to lessen the symptoms, but I sure hope that Stephanie doesn't lead too many others down the path she seems to be taking.


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