Michelle Said,
November 14th, 2008 @9:12 am  


I am so thankful to find your website. I suffer with PMDD. It is so extreme that I am ready to leave my family once a month. I finally gave in and saw my doctor on Tuesday. She prescribed me an oral contraceptive and Zoloft to help alleviate my symptoms. I am researching a more natural way to cope with PMDD before resorting to meds. I found a cycle diet website for PMS/PMDD. I am going to start the diet on Monday. I had no idea there was so much information on the web for PMDD. Thanks again for all of the info!

Ana Said,
July 5th, 2009 @6:43 pm  

I really wish I knew if I had PMDD. I believe I could have it, but at other times, I think the whole thing is in my head. My mood swings get horrible, and I am in pain for a few weeks each month. I don't know for sure if I should get tested for it though.


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